About Us

Food Drama TV is the most exciting, shocking, and drama filled website on the World Wide Web in the last 20 years. It is led by one of the most brilliant Nutritionist Rob Jones. Also, known as Food Drama Rob.

The Food Drama team consists of over 30 years of experience studying and researching the effects of man-made processed foods on our health.

Over the last 5 years Food Drama TV has compiled hundreds of food videos that explicitly expose the horrors of the foods produced by our trusted food manufacturers.

We need your help to spread the truth about our chemical infused foods in the supermarkets. More importantly, we want to stop the nationwide tragedy of childhood obesity.

Our mission is to change the traditional minds of the millions of children and their families, and embrace new eating habits that are closer to GOD's created foods.

Enjoy watching the LOT'S OF VIDEOS!

Food Drama TV Team